Ricola International Brand Launch Through Facebook - Games

Thursday, 13 March 2014
Written by SHR-PR & Comm

Here's something to freshen up your day!

In conjunction with Ricola's new brand launch, the Principle has created
a fun game called 'Click The Chrüterchraft'. All of you must be wondering
"What does Chrüterchraft means?". It simply means the magic blend of
herbs in every Ricola herb drop
. That's what the Swiss called it. Interesting?

Well, for more information, start clicking http://www.ricola.com/en-ch/Chrueterchraft
to watch the interactive video on the website.

For those of you who wish to win some prizes, click http://www.ricola.com/en-ch or
https://www.facebook.com/ricola/app_696227003734464 to start the game!

Goodluck and enjoy the Ricola, World of Herbs experience!